Lanesfield Primary in Wolverhampton, has a clear vision when it comes to pupils physical activity, this even includes their younger students. Last week Vitalityplay began the installation of a brand new 265m² stick down onto rubber mulch with various interactive designs.

Whilst specialising in Safety Surfacing, as part of the project Vitalityplay were able to organise subcontractors to extend a tar-mac path, giving better access and assist with improving the existing drainage.

We create 3D images for all our installations to show what the project will look like once complete

“At Lanesfield Primary School, we recognise the importance of high quality physical education and the part it plays in raising standards and narrowing achievement gaps. All pupils in school take part in PE/Sport/Physical Activities and we aim for this to be more than 2 hours per week. We understand that involvement in PE and sport helps to build self- esteem, encourages teamwork and develops leadership skills. We encourage our pupils to become keen sportsmen and women and we aim to instil a lifelong interest for keeping fit and healthy.”

Lanefield Primary Ethos