Business As Usual…

Vitality Play COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

As a business working closely with schools, Vitality Play is closely monitoring the ever changing COVID-19 outbreak and the affects this is having on all forms of society. With the current pandemic posing a risk to schools, staff, pupils & contractors alike, Vitality Play are committed to ensuring safe practices are implemented to ensure that containment of COV-19 is at a maximum.

As a company, a new Vitality Play policy has been implemented for all survey & installation teams working onsite at schools. Whilst all installation work is undertaken outside of school buildings, certain aspects involve interaction between our installation teams and school staff. Namely the practice of signing into site each morning, communicating with clients as to new business and progress during projects and using welfare facilities such as washrooms.

All Vitality Play teams and staff have therefore been issued with the following protocol to ensure that in cases that they are required to enter a school, the risk of both transmission and infection are at a minimum;

Industrial cleansing wipes will be used prior to entering a school premises to ensure that exposed skin is clean.

Industrial disinfectant wipes will then be used prior to entering a school premises to ensure that all exposed skin is fully disinfected.

Disposable latex gloves will be worn to further minimise the risk of transmission/infection to our own contractors and staff.

Respiratory masks will also be worn to reduce the risk of respiratory transmission.

Portable toilets will be hired to all installation sites to minimise the need to enter a school premises.

A full comprehensive reporting procedure has been communicated to all employees to the affect that if they should become ill, this will enable us to notify all sites they have visited, as part of the containment process.

We have had no reported issues with any colleagues or visitors at any of ours sites as yet.

We also understand that there are clients who require supplies and work undertaking, who may be self isolating. We can make arrangements for all deliveries and work to be undertaken outside of locations specified to avoid human contact.