Looking after schools during COVID-19

This is a strange time for everyone. Like us, you’re probably wondering what our daily lives will look like tomorrow or the week and month after. Not to mention the health and safety of your pupils, their family and everyone we know and love. As a business working closely with schools, Vitality Play is closely monitoring the ever changing COVID-19 outbreak and the affects this is having on all forms of society. With the current epidemic posing a risk to schools, staff, pupils & contractors alike, Vitality Play are committed to ensuring safe practices are implemented to ensure that containment of COVID-19 is at a maximum.

The government guidelines for managing coronavirus are dynamic and will continually change as the transmission develops. Presently, the government has not advised construction work to be paused. The present crisis may continue for weeks and guidance may change in the future. We are closely following government guidelines in everything we do going forward and with daily updates about the ongoing situations, we are reviewing our procedures daily to ensure our team’s, and those they come in contact with, health and wellbeing comes first.

We are currently offering a 5% discount on all installations to all schools to help out during this unprecedented period.