The Budget announcement delivered by the Chancellor this week has set out funding commitments to support primary PE teaching and improve the use of school sport facilities, while updating the School Sport and Activity Action Plan.

The chancellor, pledged £29 million a year to improve PE teaching. The documents states that the PE investment will amount to £29 million for England by 2023-24, and the arts premium will be £90 million a year from September 2021.

“To ensure that children get an active start in life, the government will bring forward an updated School Sport and Activity Action Plan following the Comprehensive Spending Review. Ahead of that, the Budget provides £29 million a year by 2023-24 to support primary school PE teaching and help schools make best use of their sports facilities. The funding will support high quality teacher training and professional development for PE, informed by best practice PE teaching.”

Chancellor Rishi Sunak

This is inline with Ofcoms commitment to make Physical Activity a more vital part of the School grading system after research was shown that only 1 in 3 children were physically active for at least 30 minutes per day, leading to higher levels of child obesity and disease.

Children that exercise for at least 20 minutes a day show increases in immunity to certain illnesses including cold, flu, or other illness. They also concentrate more in school, are better behaved and are less likely to suffer from depression or anxiety.

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Vitalityplay – Funding Advice

As most of our products and installations encourage either active play or sporting activity, installations can qualify for a number of funding streams.

  • Sports premium – Every Primary school gets a yearly sports premium of £16000 per annum + £10 for every pupil. The sports premium fund has helped thousands of schools improve their sports facilities and surfaces.

  • Lottery funding – Most typically this fund is awarded to sports related pitches, courts and areas. Often the lottery fund requires pitches to be of full specification size to that sport and be able to be accessed for use in the community. This is therefore a great fund if you have an appropriate space for a full size netball or basketball court for instance and are willing to give access for community use after school hours.

  • Sugar tax – Since the new sugar taxes came in 2018, the government has offered a scheme to put some of the money generated back in to create healthy spaces for young people in an attempt to reduce obesity. Vitalityplay have recently been helping many schools who’ve used this fund. It requires a full bid but both tracks and MUGAs have been successful in securing more than £10,000 towards their project.

  • Fundraisers – Vitality have seen some fantastic fundraising ideas from schools including ‘a walk around the world’ and various classic ideas like bake sales, fairs and race nights. We’ve noticed that in general the more creative and interesting you get, the more generous people are, so why not try and come up with something you’ve never seen before!