On Wednesday February 26th 2020, we completed a 112m² Play Area and a 250m X 1.3m Daily Mile Track for Our Lady of Ransom Catholic Primary School in Rayleigh, Essex. This project made perfect use of the large field the school had available to them and included 3 table tennis tables for the children to use during school hours.

Unfazed by the bad weather conditions the whole school turned out for the grand opening of their new track and play area to give it a “test run”… the track is an all weather track so it is completely safe to use throughout the year.  The School have recently started to take part in the ‘Daily Mile Challenge’ and the new facilities will be perfect for this. The students really enjoyed their new facilities and they commented…

“I like our school running track because it makes a satisfying squelchy sound and it keeps your shoes clean during the daily mile”

“I like the track because if you fall over it won’t hurt.”

Our Lady of Ransom had been planning this project for 18 months and secured funding from the Government backed initiative ‘PE and Sports Premium’ Scheme that enables all primary schools to “develop or add to the PE, physical activity and sport that the school provides”. Ofsted recently updated their Inspection Framework which put more of an emphasis on the importance of pupil development through a healthy and more active lifestyle.

Vitalityplay also installed 3 table tennis tables and an all weather pitch at the back of the playground which will be available for the pupils to use during morning and afternoon breaks with a plan to add up to 2 more in the future.

“Playing table tennis was
great and it’s a great addition
to the school!”

We are really pleased with the work and our children are keen to use the track and table tennis area.  Vitalityplay were excellent in working so hard to ensure it was all done correctly especially in some very difficult weather conditions.
Mrs. Diana Davis, Headteacher, Our Lady of Ransom Catholic Primary School
Please convey our thanks to all involved in this project especially as they had to battle against the elements on some days!  We really appreciated all their hard work and the consideration given to the school to work around the children’s play time.
Mrs. Diana Davis, Headteacher, Our Lady of Ransom Catholic Primary School