23m x 22.5m Multi Use Games Area Installed at Acresfield School

Acresfield School in Chester wanted to transform their space to create an
outdoor play and sports area . They decided in consulation with Vitalityplay to install our specialist Softplay Artificial Grass… To provide more sporting opportunities to the children, the multi-use games area has created a dedicated space for a variety of ball games and primary school sports to take place.

Children are able to play, compete and practice sports including
Basketball, Football, Netball and Hockey on their new outdoor space! Our Installation team surrounded the MUGA Pitch with our Sport Fencing, which has been designed specifically for sports pitches. The schools MUGA has created an energising space for sports and play, while increasing participation, specific sporting skills, fundamental movement skills and children’s overall physical development.

If you want to increase your sport participation and provide children with an all-weather, outdoor sporting solution at your school,request a free site survey.

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