Rivington & Blackrod High School, Bolton

Rivington & Blackrod High School is a an Academy and Sixth Form College in the North West of England. The school approached Vitality play to transform a 1872m2 hard surfaced area into an all weather MUGA surface.

Vitality Play were contracted by Rivington & Blackrod High School to resurface a 1872m2 tarmac area to create a MUGA to be enjoyed all year round by their students. The existing surface required levelling before a 100mm cushion & shock pad was installed by the Vitality Play installation team. Our team then installed our Green Multi Sport surface on top of the shock pad to create 3 netball courts. White & Red lines were then infused into the surface to create the markings for each of the 3 courts.

The installation took only 3 weeks to complete and was installed supported
by our 10 year manufacturers warranty. The client is delighted with their new surface.

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