Interactive Outdoor DJ Booth

Vitalityplay proudly supply the Yalp Fono which is an interactive outdoor DJ booth, designed to create something positive for teenagers, and everyone young at heart. The Fono works with any kind of smartphone so the user can choose what music they want or they can select from the tracks that are pre-installed. The music can be mixed and edited with impressive effects – just like a real DJ!

Benefits of Fono Interactive Outdoor DJ Booth:

  • Fun hangout spot
  • Can choose any genre of music
  • Creative Activity
  • Promotes musical talent

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Around the age of 12, you grow out of playing games, it’s not cool anymore to play outside, and the digital world starts to take a more significant role in their lives. The Fono matches this target group’s interests. The daily use of the smartphone, listening to and sharing music, and hanging out with friends is part of everyday live for the youth.

The Fono was developed in collaboration with professional DJs and resembles the professional mixing consoles. The Fono works using a patented transmission technology that doesn’t require Bluetooth or a separate login. The music is picked up by the Fono and then amplified and allows the user to mix and add effects allowing future DJs to explore their creativity. All functionalities are easy to understand.

The Fono is suitable for different locations and purposes whether it’s youth centres, skate parks, museums, holiday resorts, playgrounds, schoolyards or adventure playgrounds. You can create your own unique custom Fono by integrating any branding into the design, the exterior and the content can be customised to your wishes to suit the area it will be installed in.