Interactive Play Pillars

Vitalityplay proudly supply the Yalp Memo which is a set of interactive play pillars. The Memo consists of a playing field and 7 columns equipped with a 360° LED touch screen that shows minimalistic arcade-like visuals. With a big library of games to choose from, the Memo is one of the most versatile and dynamic outdoor play products in the world!

Benefits of Memo Interactive Play Pillars:

  • Educational
  • Inclusive
  • Family Fun
  • Safe Play
  • Dynamic Content

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The Memo provides a balanced mix of fun, educational and fun challenges. The games can be selected by pushing the button on the master post in the middle and tapping on the game icon on the screen. The Memo has a flat surface which makes it inclusive for users with mobility devices. It is barrier-free and open to all, to create a shared play experience that helps build communities and bring families closer.

The games have been programmed with simple rules that can be easily modified. The Memo is intuitive, open to creativity and stimulates younger players to develop their own sets of rules and ideas. With a reasonable amount of playing space the Memo can be played alone or with large groups! It is an ideal activity for multi-generational play as the games are challenging for all age groups.

The Memo can be placed in either an indoor or outdoor setting. The ideal place for the Memo are in schoolyards, playgrounds, themeparks, family entertainment centres, campsites, holiday parks, senior homes, shopping centres, healthcare facilities, and hospitals. You can choose from multiple different colours and even add your own custom design to create a play area that’s completely unique!