Interactive Dance and Play Arch

Vitalityplay proudly supply the Yalp Sona which is an interactive game arch designed to challenge players again and again. The Sona has been developed specifically for outdoor use but works perfectly for indoor locations as well. New games are continuously being developed so the device remains interesting. It works intuitively so if you walk under the bow it will immediately ask you if you want to play a game or you can select a different game!

Benefits of Sona Play Arch:

  • Educational
  • Inclusive
  • Family Fun
  • Safe Play
  • Sensory Play

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The Sona is an audio-guided playset, especially designed for outdoor activities. Games are played by motion. It has a motion detection camera on top which registers the movement of the children on the playing floor underneath. The Sona includes various exciting and supportive games that remain challenging at all times. New games are regularly being developed that adapt to the changing world of children.

The Sona Play Arch experience goes beyond the accessibility guidelines as children of all abilities can play alongside one another. We have witnessed plenty of children with mental or physical disabilities completely light up when playing on The Sona! Multigenerational play is promoted as both children and adults can dance together making it a great activity to do with the whole family!

The Sona can be installed in a range of different places such as public parks, schoolyards, shopping centre, resorts, indoor halls, healthcare facilities and hospitals. In addition the exterior and the games available can be customised and new games can be created to your preference. You can integrate your brand into the design to create your own unique Sona.