Interactive Ball Wall

Vitalityplay proudly supply the Yalp Sutu which is an interactive ball wall which brings people together and encourages them to take part in active competition with friends. The Sutu has 16 illuminated LED panels that registers ball contact using vibration sensors which means the Sutu can be used for a range of different sports including football, tennis, and basketball. Each game has different levels making it challenging for all players.

Benefits of Sutu Interactive Ball Wall:

  • Promotes health
  • Provides social interaction
  • Single or multiplayer modes
  • Fun for all ages

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There are many benefits to playing outdoors: exercise, social interaction, and fresh air. The Sutu meets experiences and demands of the youth by combining the fun of video games with all the benefits of outside play. There are currently more than 10 games available and new games are constantly being developed. The goal is to hit the LED panels in whichever way the game describes, instructions are given through the speakers and are simple to understand.

The Sutu brings people out into the fresh air and motivates them to exercise healthily and to have fun. Due to advanced technology more young people are spending less time exercising than in previous years. The Sutu has combined technology with games and sports to encourage young people to get more exercise. As well as the physical benefits, working out can improve sleep and concentration!

The Sutu has been specifically designed for outdoor use but it is also suitable for indoor use. It is the perfect playset for public areas or commercial venues and it is also a great training tool for professional football teams at an elite level! Ideal places for the Sutu are public playgrounds, sports facilities, resorts, family entertainment centres, and schoolyards.