Interactive Sports Court

Vitalityplay proudly supply the Yalp Toro which is an interactive sports court. The court was developed with Olympic gold medal winning coach, Marc Lammers, to create a unique and innovative way to train athletic skills. The Toro is a colourful field with 4 interactive goals. The goals have LED-lighting and touch-sensitive panels that light up and react to ball impact.

Benefits of Toro Interactive Sports Court:

  • Team Play
  • Skill booster
  • High Intensity gameplay
  • Multi-sports arena

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The Toro is a compact sports field with sloping corners and four goals on each side of the arena. Since the game takes place in a small space, every player is involved in the game and every player is in motion. The Toro is great for tactical and physical training as children always move with plenty of contact with the ball. With 4 goals it is designed to keep children interested in playing sports as it offers a more challenging game.

The Toro games are even more intensive than regular sports such as basketball and field hockey. By using interactive goals, players and athletes learn to adapt quickly to new circumstances and have a lot of fun with different games, creating an environment that changes training sessions dynamically. The Toro takes the best elements of popular outdoor team sports and gives them a dramatically enhanced and exhilarating dimension!

The Toro is roughly 13 x 13 metres and although it is specifically designed for outdoor spaces it can be installed indoors as well. There is a variety of options available to customise your Toro and we can integrate any branding into the design. With plenty of colours and designs to choose from we can install a Toro that is completely unique!